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Here at EJ Agriculture we pride ourselves on being able to provide a top quality Agricultural Contracting service, we can carry out a wide range of contracting operations. 

-200 HP tractor and man (with or without loader)

-Tractor and 14 tonne bale trailer (LGP tyres)

-Tractor and 16 tonne silage trailer (LGP tyres)

-Tractor and 16 tonne dump trailer

-Flail topping and pasture topping


All of our work is carried out to the highest standard with our up to date and modern machinery, we always do our best for our customers. 
We pride ourselves on being able to provide a reliable, cost effective and efficient service.

We can provide a range of equestrian contracting services at EJ Agriculture.

-Muck removals 

-Muck spreading 



-Fertiliser spreading



We have also a wide range of machinery available: 




-Ground Care





We can also sell a range of equestrian machinery suitable for small tractors and ATVs.



EJ Agriculture can supply you with the perfect firewood to keep you warm this winter.

Our sister company, Shropshire Kiln Dried Firewood , provides firewood that is all kiln dried hardwood and exceptional quality. We are quickly becoming one of the leading suppliers of logs in both Shropshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire due to the quality of our wood and our customer service.

All of our firewood is sustained sourced from our own forestry jobs where possible. We also take great pride in sustainably kiln drying our wood using the waste heat from the engine of an anaerobic digester. 

We can provide a range of different load sizes. All of our prices include delivery (Shropshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire) and stacking for our customers. All of our wood is fully kiln dried hardwood (12.5-17.5% moisture) hardwood and ready to burn.

-Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs -£7.50 per large net + 5% VAT, logs and kindling (minimum order of 10 nets for free delivery)

-Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs £90 + 5% VAT, builders bag 

-Kiln Dried Softwood Logs £60 + 5% VAT, builders bag

We can also supply wholesale firewood to businesses who sell their own firewood.

With our cost effective Mobile Firewood Processing service, our Ryetec CP1000 ECO firewood processor and process your timber, turning it in to valuable firewood.

Our machine is capable of processing up to 25 tonne of firewood per day in the right conditions. With a 16.5 inch circular saw blade, 4,6 or 8 way splitting head, 4 metre conveyor and an experienced operator our firewood processing services are second to non. 

Prices start from £500 per 8 hour day + VAT.

Additional digger and man available for loading £350 + VAT per 8 hour day.

PHOTO-2022-09-07-09-20-38 (1).jpg


We supply a wide range of aggregates for the agricultural, forestry, groundwork, gardening and landscaping industry. Our quality aggregates are supplied to a wide range of domestic and trade customers, available in builder bags or loose, collected or delivered. We also supply a wide range of agricultural, forestry, tree surgery, groundwork, fencing, landscaping and equestrian services across Shropshire, Cheshire, parts of North Wales and Staffordshire.

-Quality aggregates supplied

-Building, gardening and landscaping supplies

-Agricultural services

-Forestry services

-Domestic tree surgery

-Firewood supplies



-Hard landscaping

-Equestrian services

-Site clearances

-Plant hire



At EJ Agriculture we can provide cost effective forestry management packages for forestry owners, land owners and estates managed by an experienced team to meet your requirements.

Have you got woodland on your land?

Are you looking at making your woodland more productive?

There are many benefits of managing your woodland properly, financial benefits and environmental benefits, with the government taking steps to encouraging landowners to take part in environmental schemes now is the time to put a plan together for when they introduce their new initiatives.

We can now provide the full forestry/farm/ estate maintenance package!

We can carry out the following services for you.


-Grant applications

-Base line surveys

-Ash dieback surveying and management

-High nature status consulting

-Long and short term forestry planning

-Small or large scale woodland management

-Tree and hedge Planting


-Clear felling

-Veteran tree specialists

-SSSI specialists


-Stone walling

-General estate maintenance

-Wildflower meadow creation

-Contract firewood processing

-Timber marketing

-Biomass fuel

-Saw milling

-Timber handling

-Fireroad and track installation

Services: Services
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