Ryetec Workbox/ Weight Block

Ryetec Workbox/ Weight Block

Weight Box

Available in weight sizes: 1000, 1500 and 2000Kgs

With standard features:

  • Cat 2 linkage mounting
  • Permanent concrete counterweight
  • Can be front or rear mounted
  • Full width toolbox with non-slip rubber mat base
  • Illuminated tool box
  • Separate grease gun and oil storage compartment
  • Gas strut supported and sealed full width bonnet
  • Simple bonnet release with locking
  • Universal front work/spotlight mounting system
  • Customised front name plate with optional backlight
  • Programmable front hazard LED beacons
  • Front tow attachment
  • Hazard marking signs


Work Box:

Offers the same advantages as the Weight Box but with no permanent counterweight there are increased possibilities for tools and/or storage of wrap/string/fuel/parts

Ryetec workbox front linkage storage box with gas strut supported full width bonnet


Weight Box and Work Box Options:

  • Removable extra Belly weight
  • Fixed mounting for tractors without front linkage
  • Adjustable wide load marker signs and lights
  • Magnetic work lights
  • 12 to 240 volt power inverter (for power tools)
  • Pressure washer (Hydraulic drive)
  • Diesel/Addblue tanks or canisters

Optional refuelling tank with 12 volt pump and delivery hose

  • Tool box dividers and lift out tool storage trays
  • Vice

Fold away work bench and heavy duty vice for mobile repairs

  • Heavy duty work bench
  • Custom requirements


For more information on prices, specs and lead times feel free to contact our sales team: 07394 602616