Ryetec CP1000 ECO

Ryetec CP1000 ECO


  • Available in two models CP800ECO or CP1000ECO with 13 inch and 16 inch cutting diameters respectively.
  • Tractor PTO driven (Electric option available)
  • 10Ton Splitter (800) and 13Ton splitter (1000)
  • 4m folding output conveyor.
  • Adjustable steel log length guide.
  • Tungsten tip circular saw blades that can be sent for re tipping (should do 300hr+)
  • 2/4, 2/6 or 2/8 (1000) splitting knifes.


The Eco Firewood Processor range provides a cost effective, quick and reliable way of processing timber.


The standard PTO drive powers both the saw blade via a belt drive and an independent hydraulic system to operate the powerful splitters (11 or 14 tons), as well as powered intake belts, hydraulically controlled splitting axes and folding loading elevators.


A central operator contol centre with twin mechanical joysticks gives full control of the intake of raw timber, the gripping, cutting and splitting in to logs. A simple mechanical measure cantrols log lengths from 200 to 500mm (8-24″) and the splitting wedges lift and lower hydraulically to exactly centr the log being splitt. Interchageable splitters give 2/4, 2/6 or even 2/8 way knifes on the CP1000 model, these axes can easily be interchanged by the operator without tools and spare knives can be carried on the machine.


Heavy duty chassis and 3 point linkage mean the machines can be transported and held securely on to the powering tractor, low power requirements (25-35hp) mean that if the machine is in a fixed position a much smaller and economical tractor can be used to power the machine or the optional electric power drive system. Both the intake and loading conveyors fold for transport and storage and the loading conveyors height is controlled by a simple winch mechanism.


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