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Forestry services new for 2021

We are now taking on new clients within the Forestry side of our business, are you based in Shropshire/Cheshire/Staffordshire?

Have you got woodland on your land?

Are you looking at making your woodland more productive?

Are you wanting to make the most out of grants and subsidies?

Are you worried about the effects of Ash Dieback?

There are many benefits of managing your woodland properly, financial benefits and environmental benefits, with the government taking steps to encouraging landowners to take part in environmental schemes now is the time to put a plan together for when they introduce their new initiatives.

We can now provide the full forestry/farm/ estate maintenance package!

With some exciting new changes to be announced over the next few months we will have a range of specialists to allow us to carry out the following services for you.


.Grant applications

.Base line surveys

.Ash dieback surveying and management

.High nature status consulting

.Long and short term forestry planning

.Small or large scale woodland management

.Tree and hedge Planting


.Clear felling

.Veteran tree specialists

.SSSI specialists


.Stone walling

.General estate maintenance

.Wildflower meadow creation

.Contract firewood processing

.Timber marketing

.Biomass fuel

.Saw milling

.Timber handling

.Fireroad and track installation

.8 tonne and 3 tonne digger (with a range of forestry attachments)

For more information on what we can provide for you feel free to contact us on 07813 847670

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